“The well organised conference is a must for scientists and industry engaged in microbiota, pro- and prebiotics. It is an outstanding opportunity for networking where you can meet leading experts in the field and partners from the industry.”

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schrezenmeir Clinical Research Center - Kiel, KITZ, Germany

“The IPC has provided a compelling and supportive avenue to communicate and discuss ideas with my fellow scholars about the latest research trends on probiotics and prebiotics. The organizing committee has planned and smoothly implemented the conference event and I recommend more junior scientists like me to join and share in the future talks regarding this progressive field!”

Ju Kyoung Oh Dankook University, South Korea

“One more time, we have experienced with this International Scientific Conference on Probiotics and Probiotics a unique opportunity for building networking and exchange the latest scientific information with key worldwide opinion leaders and people from the industry in order to further participate to build this new science linked to the microbiota.”

J-P.G. Warzée President of the European Scientific League for Probiotics – ESLP, Belgium

“I truly enjoyed attending IPC. This meeting showcased a great blend of basic and translational research on probiotics and prebiotics. In addition the workshops and networking opportunities made for a superb overall program and Budapest was a wonderful location with much to see.”

David Mills, Peter J. Shields Endowed Chair in Dairy Food Science, Department of Food Science and Technology, Department of Viticulture and Enology, University of California, USA

“IPC in Prague is still fresh in our memories with many good experiences and strong impressions about the excellent organisation that created stimulating conditions and an atmosphere for pleasant exchange, networking and communications. Also, the scientific contributions have reached an impressive level, and covered the wide and fast expanding field of pre- and probiotic research very well, also thanks to outstanding and internationally recognised invited speakers.”

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Holzapfel, President, International Committee on Food Microbiology and Hygiene (ICFMH), Professor, Handong Global University, South Korea

“I have been impressed by the high level and the heterogeneity of the contributions shown in this edition. It was a really fruitful, interesting and well organized conference, with the clear objective to promote scientifically the concept of probiotic and prebiotics. Moreover, I truly enjoyed the ample space given to young scientists and students.”

Cristian Botta, University of Turin - DISAFA - Microbiology and Food Technology Sector, Turin - Italy

“This was the 3rd consecutive year I have attended the IPC in Budapest. I keep returning to this conference for several reasons. First and foremost, the scientific content is outstanding. Internationally recognized academic experts and industry leaders present the latest research results and current states of the art from various disciplines involved in probiotics research and development. Secondly, the size and collegial culture of the conference make for great networking opportunities in an enjoyable environment. The coffee breaks, shared luncheons, and conference dinner each offer great opportunities to meet people within my own area of expertise and just as importantly, others with potentially synergistic interests. Finally, Budapest itself is of course a wonderful setting. I look forward to the next IPC.”

Brian Oakley, Associate Professor, Microbial Ecology, College of Veterinary Medicine, Western University of Health Sciences, Pomona, CA, USA

“I was deeply impressed by the breadth of experience and geographic diversity represented at this conference. I not only met with leaders in biomedical and clinical research but also had the opportunity to meet with leaders in agribusiness, agricultural science and food science. And to do so in the beautiful destination made this an “over the top” experience.
Thank you again so very much for your efforts to make this conference possible.”

Gregory A. Plotnikoff, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Minneapolis, MN 55403, USA

“IPC is a unique place where I got the opportunity to discover the latest data related to probiotics/prebiotics in research, regulatory but also the guidelines from international scientific and medical associations. This event is also a unique place to meet academic people presenting their last research and people from the industry from all over the world in order to cross-fertilize innovations in this field. The workshop sessions organised in parallel and the poster networking sessions are also a very good added value to the congress.”

Jean-Pol Warzée, ESLP President, Belgium

“Dear Colleagues, it is my turn to say that I extremely appreciated this conference you did a great job. The scientific level is impressive with great talks and nice overviews in keynotes as soon as I get new results on modulation of illness with propionis, I will submit to you!”

Gwénaël Jan, INRA, France

“Many thanks for your invitation to the meeting and for inviting me to speak. I really enjoyed the seeions and the high quality of the talks and speakers. I was delighted to meet you albeit briefly. I look forward to the next one and will certainly encourage the group to participate. Congratulations on a very successful meeting.”

Susan Joyce APC, University College Cork, Ireland

“The IPC conference was a wonderful opportunity to share new innovative methods and research with researchers across the world. The diversity of participants ranging from established experts in the field and new students to the field was refreshing and the ability to talk to many people involved in different areas of probiotic research was very valuable and interesting. I would highly recommend this conference to both experts and new researchers in the field of probiotics.”

Lynne V. McFarland, Clinical Epidemiologist, USA

“Some really great talks from the leading experts in the filed of probiotics. Opportunity was given to young, rising scientist as well to present their data therefore there was a lot of new information. There were many opportunities for networking, great social program and in general really good organization.”

Dr. Eleni Sibbald-Tsompanidou University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG), The Netherlands

“This conference is a must for healthcare practitioners that utilize all forms of probiotic treatments. The presenters provide evidence to substantiate our belief system”.

Ara Elmajian, Holistic Medical and Dental Care Centre, Vancouver, Canada

“I was pleasantly surprised with the depth, breadth and quality of scientific content in the presentations at IPC. The conference was also a relaxed forum for collegial discussions and networking. From an organizational side, there was an excellent balance of poster and oral presentations. I would certainly recommend participation in IPC for all scientists, clinicians or nutritionists engaged in basic or applied probiotic and prebiotic research.”

Gordon Howarth, The University of Adelaide, Australia

“IPC has been an exiting experience. A perfect atmosphere was created to discuss the past, present and future of probiotics. The wide range of disciplines represented at the meeting, as well as the mix of academic and industry participants, made the interactions interesting and fruitful and offered many opportunities for networking. Souvenirs are extremely positive! See you next year!”

Bruno Pot, Institut Pasteur de Lille, Center for Infection & Immunity of Lille, France

“I enjoyed IPC very much. There were a lot of discussions, and most of them were important and critical. Conference venue was nice and comfortable, located in a beautiful city. Poster sessions were also active. Overall, the conference was worth attending, and I support the continuation of the conference in coming years.”

Hiroshi Ohno, Laboratory for Intestinal Ecosystem, RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences, Japan